Stains & Paints

Timber Stains & Paints

If you are undertaking a re-decoration project look no further. We have everything you need to create a stunning finish.

Whether you need paint stripper, sugar soap, sandpaper, polyfilla, mastic, silicone, undercoat or primer for your preparation; or paint, stain, varnish, wood dye, brushes or rollers to complete the transformation we have a wide choice of colours and materials to help make completing your project as easy and professional as possible.

We stock a wide range of high quality brands including Rustins, Ronseal and Sickens


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Stains, Varnish, Turps,
Decking Stain, Putty,
Primer, Undercoats,
Mastic, Brushes,
Silicone, Wood-Dye etc.




paints and timber stains

extensive range of wood stains, paints, varnishes and treatments

paints and stains

wide range of primers, turps, varnishes, paints, cleaners and decking stain